You Can Make a Difference

Dear Creekstone family and friends,
As with most non-profits, Creekstone relies on year-end financial support to supply up to 25% of our annual operational funding. This means that, in order to stay on course financially for our fiscal year, we need to receive between $72,000 and $90,000 in total donations during the month of December.

“Whoa.” Yeah, that’s what I said.

“How is that possible?” Well, it’s not possible if just a few are contributing to the need. But if we all return to God even just a tithe (10%) of how God has provided for us throughout the year, and then either catch up on that tithe and make a special, “beyond the tithe” donation at year-end, then it is possible.  So, don’t focus at the overall need. None of us can meet that alone. Instead, focus on what the Lord has provided you, and consider what he is calling you to give. As we each seek the Lord’s leading in this, I am confident that he will do “immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20-21) when it comes to funding this mission.

Of course, if you are just an occasional visitor or are merely checking Creekstone out, then I would ask that you just pray for us as we enter this critical time of year with regard to the financial support of the ministry. Please do not feel any financial pressure or obligation.

And yet, those who are considering a year-end contribution may be asking, “So, where does my giving go?” Great question! Here are sixteen areas where your giving is making a difference.

  1. Your generosity provides children’s Bible curriculum and other supplies for GraceKids, so that even the youngest at Creekstone can come alive to the wonder of the gospel.
  2. It provides financial support for our mission partners in India and Africa, especially through Trinity Center for World Mission, led by our own Dr. Pete Anderson.
  3. It provides financial support for everyone on the Campus Outreach staff at UNG so that the next generation of students can be reached with and discipled in the gospel, and then sent out from Creekstone as cultural missionaries in Georgia and around the world.
  4. It provides financial support for church planting in north Georgia so that the mission of grace can continue to make a deeper impact in our entire region.
  5. It provides financial resources that enable us to offer weekend seminars that equip men and women to live out the practical and radical implications of the gospel in the home and in the workplace, leading to personal, marriage and family renewal and restoration.
  6. It provides the finances necessary to rent the High School on Sundays, enabling hundreds of men, women and children to encounter and experience the revolutionary saving and renewing grace of God in Jesus.
  7. It provides funding for the office space used by the Creekstone staff, Dr. Jeff Stull’s counseling office, the Campus Outreach staff, where personal ministry takes place day in and day out.
  8. It provides financial resources for our outreach and discipleship ministry to youth.
  9. It provides tuition assistance for the Spring Women’s Retreat.
  10. It provides funding for community outreach through print resources and social media.
  11. It provides financial resources that enable us to host Creekstone 101 weekends, where new folks can get connected to the mission, vision and values of Creekstone and consider formal membership.
  12. It provides financial resources for leadership development of staff, children’s teachers, K-Group and discipleship leaders, Sunday instrumentalists and vocalists, as well as elders and potential vocational ministry candidates.
  13. It provides financial resources for all of our Sunday morning ministries, including equipment development and maintenance needs for our worship service, which include items such as speakers, microphones, soundboards, lights, screens, projectors, etc.
  14. It is helping to create a community of believers who volunteer in local ministries such as Connectability, the Dahlonega Care Center and the Community Helping Place.
  15. It provides financial resources to adequately staff a growing church (our goal this year is to expand staffing for youth as well as for the expanding operational/administrative needs of the ministry).
  16. It provides for even the less-glamorous church expenses, such as printing bulletins and study materials for K-Groups, providing coffee on Sundays, paying utilities, insurance, truck and storage expenses, etc.

When we consider the breadth and depth of impact that the gospel is having through Creekstone, and the financial demands for making such an impact possible, I think it is easy to see that your giving really is making a difference!

The truth is that, with the ripple of grace that you help fund here in Dahlonega, we will never be able to adequately calculate just how far and wide the influence of your generosity will go. When we give back to the mission of the Kingdom, the investment grows and grows and grows! How amazing to know that, every day, your generosity is glorifying God by helping people come alive to the wonder of God’s grace to sinners in Jesus!

You may give on Sunday mornings, or if you prefer, you may give on your smart phone by scanning this QR code and installing the Givr App:

Or you may give via our website at

As you consider your year-end gift, please know how grateful I am for your partnership in this ministry.

Soli Deo gloria,