What Will You Return in 2014?

When we give to God, we actually are not giving. We are returning.

Since everything we have, all of it, belongs to him, our giving decision is no longer “how much of my money am I going to give to God,” but rather, “how much of God’s money am I going to return to him.” For some of us, this is a revolutionary new perspective on generosity and giving.

Whether a new concept of not, on Pledge Sunday, Nov. 24, we will have an opportunity to commit to a specific amount that each of us will return to God in 2014 as God provides. So, please be thinking and praying ahead in preparation for this special Sunday. Let’s fill the church’s storehouse so that we will have an abundance of funds for advancing the gospel locally and globally!

If you have not heard the messages to date in our Generosity Factor sermon series, let me encourage you to catch up, whether here on iTunes or here on our website.

By the way, we also are asking everyone to participate so that we will have an idea of whether or not we will be in a financial position to “particularize” as our own local church this coming year. What if Creekstone were fully funded? What if the storehouse were full to overflowing?  If everyone at least puts on their generosity training wheels (listen to this past Sunday’s message), the dream will be a reality. By God’s grace, we can do this!

I’m praying that, as we prepare for Pledge Sunday on November 24, the Father will press deeply into our hearts an overwhelming sense of his provision for us in Jesus, so that our commitment to give truly will be an act of worship—not out of mere duty, but with wholehearted delight in our response to the inexpressible gift of God in Jesus (2 Corinthians 9:15)!

Because grace changes everything,