Three Reasons Why This Sunday is Special

Here are just three reasons why this Sunday is special for Creekstone:

  • This Sunday is special because it is Creekstone’s 4th Anniversary. Woo hoo!
  • This Sunday is special because this week we welcome back our crew of UNG students. Can’t wait!
  • This Sunday is special because we are launching our first Video Service alongside our Auditorium Service. Now we have options!

Yes, these are super exciting days. I hope that you will be part of the celebration this Sunday as we give thanks to God and magnify his unfathomable grace in Jesus!

Two Big Upcoming Events
#1 – Group Link. Next Wednesday, August 27, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Lumpkin Parks and Rec Center (map here) we are holding Group Link, our annual opportunity to get connected to a K-Group (home fellowship group). Yes, childcare is available! For more information, contact Andy Woznicki here.

#2 – The Welcome Back UNG Students Pot-Luck. After the service on Aug. 24th, we will welcome our UNG students back to Creekstone with a home-style feast. Last names ending in A-M should bring a main course to share while folks with names ending in N-Z should bring a side or dessert. Since students are just asked to bring themselves, let’s be sure to bring enough for a banquet. They’ll be hungry! 🙂 And let us know what you are bringing by signing up here.
By the way, with the new Video Service option on Sunday mornings, we are in need of several more Tech Team volunteers. If you are interested in this ministry opportunity, please email James Daniel here.

Your enthusiasm for the mission and personal encouragement make it such a joy to serve as Lead Pastor for Creekstone. Thank you so much for this privilege!
I hope to see you Sunday,