The Rumor is True

Yes, the rumor is true.

Creekstone is under contract for a 9 acre tract of property (which includes a home on a full basement) on Highway 60/Chestaee Street, across from Achasta and next door to River Knoll (on the GA 400 side). A bank owned foreclosure, the selling price is $220,000. This means that we could move our office from the square to the home on the property (while we raise funds to build) and not increase our budget or have a property fund, since what we pay for the office on the square would be transferred to paying for land and the home/office on the property.

You read that correctly. We can have a prime location on which to build on the main corridor into and out of Dahlonega, including a home that we can convert into an office/meeting space while we raised funds for a building, all for the same monthly cost that we presently pay for our office space on the square. Yes, this is an amazing opportunity that we believe the Lord has provided with uniquely providential timing. We actually looked at this property several years ago, but the cost was in the mid-300s and we were not yet particularized.

When the elder team became aware of the reduced price of the land, it vetted the property through both our property team and finance team. After gathering as much information as possible from these teams and having an attorney draft an offer, the elder team decided to move forward and the bank accepted.

This does not mean that “we have land.” It means that we have a contract on the purchase of land. Part of that contract are contingencies, which include:

  • an satisfactory inspection of the property and the home,
  • approval of city annexation and rezoning,
  • confirmation of connection to city utilities, including water and sewer,
  • a favorable vote of the Creekstone congregation, and
  • a closing date on the property by mid-September.

Therefore, there still is a long way to go and a LOT of work to be done, and the elder team is grateful for the folks who have stepped forward to help. In fact, there is a meeting of the property and finance teams tomorrow night at the church office at 7:00 p.m. to divide responsibilities moving forward as we apply for annexation, rezoning and financing (or consider other options) and as we complete our due diligence on the house and land.

The elder team appreciates your prayers as we steward our roles in leadership at this crucial juncture. We believe that having a visible, 24/7 facility not only will enable us to more effectively reach Dahlonega with the gospel, but also will enable us to more effectively serve and bless our community in the name of Jesus. Yes, these are exciting times to be part of Creekstone Church!

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Yours by grace alone, on behalf of the Elder Team,