The Old Testament is All About Jesus

“Christ is the sum and substance of the Old Testament. To him the earliest promises pointed in the days of Adam and Enoch and Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. To him every sacrifice pointed in the ceremonial worship appointed at Mt. Sinai. Of him every high priest was a type and every part of the tabernacle was a shadow and every judge and deliverer of Israel was a figure. He was the Prophet like unto Moses, whom the Lord God promised to send, and the King of the house of David, who came to the David’s Lord as well as Son. He was the Son of the virgin and the Lamb foretold by Isaiah, the righteous Branch mentioned by Jeremiah, the true Shepherd foreseen by Ezekiel, the Messenger of the covenant promised by Malachi and the Messiah who, according to Daniel, was to be cut off, though not for himself.”

Daily Readings from J.C. Ryle, Vol. 2, compiled by Robert Sheehan