The Blessed Life

“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”

Psalm 32:1

My God and refuge, who has paid the debt of my sin. You tell me that the blessed life is the forgiven life. It is the blessing of having a God express his grace by sending his own son to remove the sins of his people. Father, how I thank you for being that God, and Jesus, for being such a Savior who has made atonement for my willful and wicked transgression.

Lord Jesus, the Scriptures describe what you did on the cross as the bearing of a curse. You received my justice. You served my sentence. You paid my debt. And you have blessed me with an eternal grace that flows from your eternal love. Let me never take such a blessing for granted or consider it in any way secondary to what my flesh considers a blessing.

For my flesh sees the blessed life as the wealthy life. The successful life. The life filled with many possessions. And when others appear to have more, my heart grows jealous and filled with discontent. I covet and become cold to the spiritual blessings of the gospel. Why do I so often translate blessing in material and financial terms, when your Word warns against the love of possessions. As your word says, “It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.”

So may I remember that you were pierced for me! May I prize as priceless your precious, efficacious blood. You are the pearl of great price, and the gospel is my great possession. Promises for now and eternity. An inheritance kept in heaven that can never spoil or fade. Riches of grace to be bestowed forever. I am wealthy beyond the wildest imagination! Thank you Jesus! Give me eyes to see the practical significance of the blessed life that is covered by your atoning sacrifice, that has reconciled me to God and guaranteed blessing upon blessing, now and forever.

And Father, as one who has been forgiven, enable me, as one of the blessed, to be a blessing to others. I want to be one who forgives—one who pays down the debts of others against me. How I desire the ability to set others free, living as a conduit of grace for the praise of your glory. But this can only come from your indwelling Spirit. My flesh is still so strong in my heart. I find myself harboring grudges and growing in bitterness toward those who are my debtors. Yet Jesus, the prayer you taught me assumes that I, having been blessed with forgiveness, will be one who blesses others with forgiveness.

How I need more grace. I thank you that your blood has covered every single sin, especially the hardened places in my heart that are still slow to forgive. As you demonstrated on the cross, Jesus, forgiveness involves pain. It is not easy to forgive, for the price is high. It may be free for the recipient, but the cost is steep for the one who pays down the debt. That’s why it is so hard, and why I think it is a supernaturally empowered gift that you give in order to let your grace flow from the cross, to me, and through me. But when the grace flows, there is joy in the blessing, as there was Jesus when you, for the joy set before you, endured the cross.

So Father, my prayer today is that, in being so richly, overwhelmingly blessed, I would be supernaturally empowered by your Holy Spirit to be a blessing by re-gifting forgiveness and passing on the blessed life.