The Bingo Retort


After speaking to a large group of his denomination (which is also my denomination), Steve Brown was approached by a man who was really upset, claiming that Steve was “arrogant, rude and prideful.” In that moment, Steve replied with a genius answer, saying, “Bingo! You have read me well, but I’m better than I was. Your heart would have been even more grieved five years ago, and it would be even more grieved if you knew the whole truth about me now.” The man ended up loosening up his tie, and they were able to talk about gospel depth for an hour. This encounter enabled him to develop what he now calls the “Bingo Retort.” Here is how it goes.

Your’re wrong!

Bingo! I’m wrong at least 50% of the time.

You’re selfish!

Bingo! My mother said the same thing, and my wife knows it too.

You’re not living up to your potential.

Bingo! If it’s okay with you, I’m not going to live up to my potential awhile longer.

You’re not fit to be a Christian!

Bingo! That’s why Christ died for me.

What a glorious response to criticism. Bingo! Soli Deo gloria.