Take the Next Step

next stepThis past Sunday at Creekstone we talked about the Bible’s teaching on church membership, that those who are members of THE church family (globally) are assumed to be members of A church family (locally). In other words, like grapes grow in clusters on a vine, so do Christians. If you missed the message, let me encourage you to list to it here.

The action point of the message was to “take the next step.” For some, just pulling into the parking lot and walking in was the first step… and a huge one! For others, the next step will be signing up for Creekstone 101, participating in a K-Group or serving on a ministry team. For some, that step is formally joining the church, which represents your buy-in to connect relationally, to embrace the mission personally and to support the kingdom financially. There are some for whom the next step will be serving as elder/pastors!

Whatever step the Lord is leading you to take, please do not see it merely as a duty to the law, but as a response to the gospel. With the local church, Jesus is inviting you to connect to a cluster, where your soul will be his divinely appointed context in which our souls have been designed to ripen in the grace of God.