Sunday Sermon Preview

This Sunday morning we will be discussing discipline in message #3 of our “not just for parents, parenting series,” Generation NEXT. The main idea is that we should stop punishing our children, and start disciplining them. What? Is there a difference? Absolutely. Let me explain. Punishment is retributive and vengeful, while discipline is redemptive and purposeful. Punishment focuses on correcting behavior,while discipline focuses on reaching the heart. Punishment “makes them pay,” while discipline “helps them learn” the gospel… that Jesus has already paid.

Ultimately, discipline is not intended merely to be punitive, but redemptive. It will be a huge paradigm shift for many of us. Not to worry. I’ll explain everything on Sunday. But for a teaser, several applications will include the parenting pyramid, the process of equipping, the problem with “counting to three,” as well as how and why to enforce consequences as we help our children discover “the sin beneath the sin” so that they can experience abounding grace in the context of redemptive discipline.

Hope to see you Sunday!