“Rejection: 4 Essentials for Facing One of Our Greatest Fears” • John 6:60-71 (sermon)

This is the Creekstone message from Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Here are the 4 essentials. Listen to the full message below.

1. Truth is not always popular. This requires that we face challenges and take risks.

2. You must know who you are in order to live by the truth. The Father’s validation of us as sons and daughters empowers us to live by the truth. He, not other people, gives us our identity.

3. You are not responsible for someone else’s response to the truth. Hard to believe, but true. And liberating.

4. Be prepared to be the one who needs to repent. Thankfully, we have one who was “despised and rejected” in our place so that we can be accepted. Jesus was rejected so that we never would be.