Old World Churches vs. New World Churches, Part 1

Just like the voyage of the Mayflower was not for everyone, I know that our church planting adventure will not be for everyone—and that is okay. After all, we will not function like an Old World, established churche. For example, we don’t see the seats in the auditorium as OUR seats, but as THEIR seats—places for new folks to sit, so that they can get exposed to the glory of God’s grace in Jesus. This is why, when we unveil our overflow seating area, we hope that some of you will intentionally sit there on occasion, sacrificing your seat so that we will have more empty, easily accessible seats for guests. Being a New World outpost of grace means that those who are regulars will sit down front and move to the middle first, so that new folks can easily find a seat. This is all because we are a mission, seeking to extend the impact of the gospel to as many as possible, all for the greater glory of God as more and more people come alive to the wonder of the gospel and begin living all of life in view of the cross.