“Living a Life that Demands an Explanation” (Gal. 1:11-24)



Katie Davis was homecoming queen, senior class president, and graduated from the top of her class in a wealthy suburb of Nashville. To say the least, academic and social expectations for Katie were high.

During the winter break of her senior year of high school in 2006, Katie went on a mission trip to Uganda.

The following summer she returned to Uganda for a gap year of teaching kindergarten children at an orphanage. While her gap year ended, her life in Uganda didn’t.

In her own words, she says, “I quit my [old] life… I quit college; I quit cute designer clothes and my little yellow convertible; I quit my boyfriend. I no longer [had] the things the world says are important.”

But what she did have was a life that demanded an explanation.

Giving up her old, privileged life, she decided to stay in Uganda. Permanently.

By the time she was only 24, she had adopted 13 orphaned girls and founded Amazima Ministries, providing education, biblical teaching, and food to hundreds and hundreds of other desperately needy children in Uganda.

Since that photo was taken, Katie has married and has added a biological child of her own to the family.

But why? Why give up so much? Why devote your life to people in such a faraway place? I understand quitting the boyfriend, but why get rid of your yellow convertible?

Katie is living a life that demands an explanation.

Before you start packing for Africa, I want you to know that living a life that demands an explanation does not require you to move to Africa, adopt a tribe of orphans and start an international mercy ministry.


The point is not whether I move to Africa, tutor kids or turn down a promotion. You can live a life that demands an explanation right here, right now.

The point is if I never told anyone that I was a follower of Jesus, would anyone know that I am a Christian by how I live my life. Would my actions cause others to demand an explanation?

I want you to know that this life is possible. You can live a life that demands an explanation. Because this is what we see in the life of the Apostle Paul.