“Level Ground”

This is message #4 in our Gospel for Real Life sermon series through the letter of James.


As we look toward building a facility on our church property on Highway 60, one aspect of the project is the grading work required to level out the dirt for the foundation of the building. Grading is the process of creating level ground.

This is what James is doing for us in this passage. Not with dirt, but with people.

He knows that whether rich or poor, black or white, democrat or republican or libertarian, the ground is level at the cross because every human being exists with an equal need for God’s mercy.

If you find yourself pushing back against that idea, then this message is for you. Yes, it is for all of us.

But when we forget the gospel principle of level ground, we either will be filled with pride, despising those below, or we will be filled with insecurity, envying those above.

Yet, if I will embrace the principle of level ground, then I no longer will need to despise others or envy others. Rather, I will be empowered to treat all people with gospel equality, showing mercy to others even as I have received mercy.

As the apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1:16, the demonstration of mercy in the gospel is the power of God to change individuals, families and even entire communities.

So, what if we could live as if the ground really is level at the foot of the cross?  Can you imagine the impact?

Using the sermon title of “LEVEL GROUND,” let’s look at James 2:1-13. As a roadmap for our study, there will be five headings that we will explore on our journey:

  1. The principle of equality
  2. An illustration of favoritism/discrimination
  3. The heart of the issue
  4. The royal law of love
  5. The triumph of mercy