Just Words

While reading tonight in Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life, he said something that rang too true in my experience. He describes the disconnect that takes place when my heart gets out of tune with God. He says, “I continue to perform and say Christian things, but they are just words.” That is the place of revival. Running on empty. Living an “externally religious” life. What do I need in that season? I need to confess my coldness and know the heart of God, whose love and grace will begin to warm my heart. It may hit all at once or take place over time… but my heart will warm as the Spirit works, so that my faith is not just words, but also is music, and dancing, and joy… again.

  • LOVE this! Thank you!

    Thinking of you and praying for you like crazy these days. I hope your time away has been rejuvenating. Know that you are missed and loved by all of us!

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