If It Were Up to Us

You do know that if it were up to us, being reconciled to God would be on our shoulders. That’s how we operate, isn’t it—we bless those who meet demands, perform their duty, and fulfill their obligations. But thankfully, that is not how God operates. The gospel tells us that rather that calling us to meet the demands, perform the duties, and fulfill the obligations, that Jesus meets, performs and fulfills them all for us. This is what Paul calls “the fullness of the blessing of Christ” in Romans 15:29. And when we are filled with the fullness of Christ, which Paul says in Ephesians 3 is the love of Christ—we begin a transformation that takes place from the inside out—new desires, new motives, new actions. Maybe a new marriage… or at least a new you… and a new me. And so, I want to challenge us to receive that blessing—the fullness of it! Believing tenaciously that because of the cross, we are forgiven. We are covered in the perfect righteousness of Jesus. We are beloved sons and daughters. Amen? Amen!