If I Could Only See Myself

In his book, The Beautiful Fight, Gary Thomas tells a story about the power of seeing ourselves for who we really are.

A businessman in a service industry grew weary of being yelled at. He tired of getting sprayed with angry spittle from dissatisfied customers who expected five-star service at Motel 6 prices. One day, he became oddly detached during yet another customer tirade; he felt as though he were watching a movie. In fact, he couldn’t help but think that the angry woman’s antics made her look like a monkey.

That observation gave him a brilliant idea. He posted a giant mirror behind the front desk—and the customer tirades all but ceased. When people saw how rude and hateful they looked while yelling and screaming, they stopped yelling and screaming.

I wonder how I would change if I saw a hidden video showing my own outburst of anger or defensiveness. It breaks my heart to think of what my children and wife see when I am such a flesh-driven fool. So, if seeing my sinful self has the power to change me, how much more could the power of seeing myself in Christ change me—seeing that I am fully forgiven, perfectly accepted and eternally, unconditionally loved. So, let me be brave enough to see my need in the mirror, and be confident enough to behold God’s grace to me in the cross… and to live in light of his mercies, which are new every morning.

Source: Gary Thomas, The Beautiful Fight, (Zondervan, 2007), p. 63