I Confessed This on Sunday

On Sunday I confessed that, as I considered fulfilling my pledge, I felt a strange tension. I had been so excited in early July to stretch beyond what I originally thought our family would pledge. But now it was August, and since pledging we have received tuition bills for two of our college age children and have two automobiles with transmission problems. Not to mention the need for a new computer for my middle child, books, clothes, etc.

Now, both of the vehicles are 14 years old and have a combined mileage of 500,000 miles. So, some maintenance is expected. 🙂  But not two transmissions at the same time?! Ugh.

The tension is this: should I really fulfill this pledge? I didn’t know that we’d need it for auto repairs. Some of us have medical expenses, or the opportunity for a vacation. Things come up. They always do and will. Let’s face it: there is always somewhere else my money could go. It could go to growing my retirement account. Our pledge could buy a car.

But Jesus told me to seek first his Kingdom (vs mine) and that he will take care of the rest. He will provide, sometimes even miraculously. Some of you have told me stories over the past few weeks of how the Lord is providing you with money to give that you simply didn’t have and didn’t know where it would come from. These stories get me so fired up. I can’t help but smile and pump my fists. Yes, he is able to resupply resources so that we can continue being generous.

This reminds me of the story of the Queen who told a business owner to go on a long trip as her ambassador. He asked, “What will happen to my business?” She replied, “You take care of my business and I will  take care of yours!” I love that. Isn’t that what Jesus would say to us?

You know, the only time God says to test him is in giving. So, I have decided that the best thing that I can do for my spiritual health is to fulfill that pledge. I’m actually getting really excited to see what the Lord will do as a result. I can tell you that my faith has grown in this process – big time! My hope is that yours will, too.

We have two more Sundays to fulfill our pledges. I’m fulfilling ours this week! 🙂

In the strong love of the Father,