I Am Not the Christ

In the opening chapter of John’s Gospel, he introduces two individuals: Jesus and (another) John, Jesus’ cousin (the one known for baptizing). John the Baptizer grew quite famous as a preacher in those days, and I suppose it could have gone to his head. He could have begun to think that he was important. Indispensable. He could have convinced himself that he could really help the people and begin carrying a mantle of mini-savior. But he had a common confession that kept him grounded: “I am not the Christ.” His job was to tell of the true Christ by pointing people to Jesus. There may be less glory for the preacher with that confession, but there is much more freedom. I am not the Christ. I do not have to fulfill his job description. I can’t save anyone’s marriage or children. I can’t be the hope of anyone’s problems or fears. I can’t bear the burden of broken world. I am not the Christ. But Jesus is… and he can.