He was Strong for Both of Us

According to the Daily Mail…

Hannah Peterson was involved in a serious car accident just one month before her wedding in Ontario. She broke her pelvis in three places, punctured a kidney, broke some ribs, and suffered a concussion and partial hearing loss during the July 18 collision.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Hannah was determined not to let the accident affect her big day on August 25. So when it came time to walk down the aisle, Hannah’s father wheeled her part of the way down, and then her fiancé;, Stuart, tenderly carried her the rest of the way.

Hannah, 23, who along with her now-husband is originally from Northern Ireland, said that despite her predicament, the only emotion she allowed herself to feel on the day was joy. “Obviously, being in the wheelchair and not able to walk was very upsetting for me on my wedding day,” she told reporters.

Because of her injuries, Patterson Hannah sat during most of her wedding, but wanted to stand for one very important part. “I was determined to stand for my vows,” she said. “It was hard on me to stand for that long even with Stuart holding me up, but it doesn’t seem obvious in the pictures and video the pain I was in.”

Hannah has continued to heal in the two months since the nuptials, and is now able to walk around the house using a cane. She added: “Stuart has never left my side during all of this … He was strong for both of us. He always made me see how blessed I was.”

What a beautiful picture of Jesus. Indeed, he was and is strong for both of us.