Do You Have Illusory Superiority Syndrome?

Psychologists have diagnosed a disorder that affects the vast majority of the human population and it is likely that you have it. I do. It is a dangerous and deceptive condition called “illusory superiority.” This simply means that we tend to inflate our positive qualities and abilities, especially in comparison to other people, and minimize our own faults, flaws and sins. The result is that we live in denial of our spiritual need and become the “self-righteous” folks whom most of us can’t stand. Interestingly, this condition not only affects the religious, but the irreligious as well, and the side-effects are devastating, especially to personal relationships between spouses, parents and children, not to mention between roommates and co-workers.

Thankfully, there is a proven treatment for illusory superiority, and the implications are profound. We are talking a personal and family system revolution with lives being dramatically changed! This is not an exaggeration or an empty promise. I can’t wait to share this message with you!

So, please plan to join us Sunday and we’ll discover some practical solutions that I think are really going to help treat the disease. I think you’ll be glad you were there.

Remember that traffic is closed on the Square this weekend due to Bear on the Square. So just plan a few minutes ahead and you should be fine.

I hope to see you there!