Did You Miss This?

Hello Creekstone friends,

Last Sunday we talked about the persecuted church. But not the persecuted church we normally think of when we consider religious persecution—not the Middle East, or China or Sudan, but here in the U.S. Persecution? Here? The tide may seem to be slowly rising, but it is rising. We need to be prepared, not shocked, and respond to hate not with hate, but like Jesus… with the grace of the gospel.

If you are single and under 40, or have children or even grandchildren, you really need to be equipped with this 35-minute message, okay? You can listen on my blog here. I have also posted my sermon notes.

Also, Creekstone is participating in the Community Helping Place Clothes Drive. Over the next several weeks, we are having a clothes drive for the Community Helping Place. Any clothes are welcome, but especially needed are “less worn” clothes that can be sold at their boutique on 400. You may drop off donations at either CHP location.
And don’t forget the Night of Worship at Camp Glisson on Friday, March 25 at 7:30 p.m., hosted by Creekstone and Chuck Bell Music. It is going to be an evening to remember!

Oh yeah, one more thing. I hope you will plan to celebrate with us on Sunday, April 3rd at our Particularization Serivce, which begins at 4:00 p.m. (no morning service!). There will be an after service party at the High School with BBQ, Bluegrass and Bouncehouses! 🙂

I will be looking forward to seeing you Sunday morning! Until then, have a great week.