Big News! A Creekstone Financial Update

As many of you know, in order for Creekstone to “particularize” as our own church, we need to be financially self-sustaining. To this point, there has remained a gap between our financial budget need and our local giving (which is to be expected for a while in a college town context). However, last month’s financial report just came in from our sponsor church, Perimeter. Our monthly financial need to fulfill our mission is $27,916. Giving in March was $29,376!  To those of you who gave in March to make that happen, “Thank you!” To those of you who have given in the past and who will give as we move forward, “Thank YOU, too!” The Lord is supplying our needs through you so that, as a church family, we can continue to glorify God by helping people come alive to the wonder of God’s grace in Jesus.

It is such a privilege and joy to be your partner in the gospel,