An Update About This Coming Sunday, Oct. 7

Hello Creekstone friends,

This Sunday we begin a new teaching series entitled The Marriage Expedition: Essential Supplies for the Journey. I really think that this is going to be helpful for married folks (long term and those just out of the gate) as well as one-day-to-be-married folks. Consider it a pre-marriage course for some, a refresher for others and potentially crisis intervention for yet others. The seven supplies we will examine that each couple needs for the journey are a mirror, a rope, a shovel, a stethoscope, a bow, stationary and a map. “What?” Don’t worry. I’ll explain. 🙂

I think that this also is going to be a great Sunday to invite someone to Creekstone for the first time. Not only will they receive practical help for marriage, but they will encounter a (hopefully) clear presentation of the gospel, which is the foundation upon which healthy marriages are built (and is our ultimate hope when the dream of marraige is shattered by unfaithfulness). After all, Jesus is the faithful spouse (the bridegroom of the church) who will never let us go.

The potential for God to be glorified as we magnify his grace in the context of marriage is huge!  So, I can’t wait to see you Sunday.

Until then, have a great rest of the week believing the gospel as we rest in the finished work of Jesus.