A Tribute to My 21-Year-Old Daughter

20161124_201412081_iosMy eldest turns 21 today.

I could not be more thankful to have Ann Ferris as a daughter.

Could. Not. Be. More. Thankful.

Not just because she is strikingly beautiful, intellectually brilliant, theologically astute, dangerously witty, musically talented (instrumentally and vocally), and has the promise of a world-class writer. If none of these things were true, stripped down to the raw soul, Ann Ferris would be… my precious.

Because she is my precious. From newborn, through elementary school, the braces years, high school and now college. In my eyes, she has never been anything else.

She is my precious. Yes, I know that she is precious to others, also. But what fills my heart is that God gifted her to me as my first-born. My eldest daughter. My precious. From infant to adult, she is now a friend with whom I get to interact with substantive ideas, share dreams, confess fears, admit need, and best of all, embrace God’s grace in Jesus – together.

Yes, she is my precious. Success or failure. Victory or defeat. My affection for her is full. I cannot love her more and will never love her less. That is just how a Daddy loves.

After all, she is my precious.

And that makes me smile.

  • Hey McKay! I’m your cousin, Tamara Caston Rickenbaker. I’m so delighted that Peggy posted this and I am blessed to read it! She is a beautiful girl. My husband’s favorite expression of endearment for me and our daughters is, “Do you knooooowww you’re my precious?” Happy 2017 to you and family!