3 Reasons to be “On Time” to Sunday Worship

There are at least three reasons why it is a good idea to be on time to Sunday worship.

1) We Hear and Respond to God’s Call to Worship. We will have a formal call to worship with congregational participation this Sunday, and likely all following Sundays. This is a significant theological aspect of worship. We do not invite God to worship, he invites us — he CALLS us. And we respond. Being in the auditorium at 10:30 ensures that you will be part of this important event in the drama of weekly worship.

2) We Honor our Worship Team. Our worship team spends hours preparing to lead us in the worship of God. When we enter the auditorium during the second or third song, we could be saying that we undervalue their ministry and service to the church. Nobody wants to say that. When we are present when the service begins, we are showing honor to those who arrive really early on Sundays to bless us as a church.

3) We Have Time to Prepare Our Hearts. When we are in the auditorium by and even before 10:30, we have the opportunity to prepare our hearts for worship. We can get settled, pray and anticipate God to work deeply in my life and in the lives of those around me. When the service starts, we are ready to meet with God.

I’m sure there are more reasons to be in the auditorium by 10:30. But these three are grounds enough.¬†I hope this encourages you and helps you think through not only a theology of worship, but the practical aspects of arriving on time and making the most of our Sunday morning gatherings.